Sicilian Bitter Orange Marmalade – 240g

Sicilian Bitter Orange Marmalade has the intense taste and typical fragrance of the best Sicilian oranges. In addition, it wins over all palates with its slightly bitter aftertaste. It proves ideal for both sweet breakfast and savory recipes. In addition, it is perfect with hard cheeses.

WARNINGS: We always encourage you to check all the information on the product before consuming or using it. Lot and minimum shelf life information, will be provided at the time of purchase.


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Sicilian Bitter Orange Marmalade is mainly recognized by its intense flavor and slightly bitter aftertaste, ideal for preparing a good breakfast as well as savory dishes. Because of its qualities, it is good for both sweet and savory lovers.

Sicilian bitter oranges – the spearhead of this tasty product-are of the highest quality, plus they have significant health benefits: in fact, they stimulate the metabolism and are also rich in vitamins.

Sicilian Bitter Orange Marmalade in Brief

Ingredients: Sugar, bitter oranges with peels; Gelling agent: fruit pectin; Acidifier: citric acid.

Amount of fruit in the product: 45g per 100g.

Net weight: 240 grams.

Storage: Sicilian Bitter Orange Marmalade should be stored at room temperature. After opening, it is recommended that the product be stored at temperatures within 4 degrees. To be consumed within 14 days after opening.

Taste: intense, with slightly bitter aftertaste.

Suggestions for use: ideal for breakfast and with savory foods (especially hard cheeses).


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