Agrisicilia shop is an online e-commerce committed to bringing the heart and soul of Sicily directly to your home. Founded on values that set us apart, passion and love for our land and its extraordinary culinary tradition, the company was born with the goal of sharing the richness of Sicilian flavors with the entire world. Since then, we have grown and created a special connection between Sicily and our customers, offering only high-quality, artisanally prepared local products with dedication.

Our Mission

The mission of Agrisicilia shop is simple but passionate: to connect people with the authenticity of Sicilian products. We are committed to preserving traditions and supporting local producers, ensuring that every product we offer reflects the beauty, history, and culture of Sicily.

Our Catalog

Agrisicilia shop offers a wide range of Sicilian local products, from renowned durum wheat pasta to exquisite tomato preserves, from extra virgin olive oil to citrus-based delicacies such as jams and candied fruits. Furthermore, we can’t forget about the premium wines and traditional sweets that will delight your palate. Each product in our catalog has been carefully selected to ensure quality and authenticity.

Our Producers

We work closely with small local producers who share our passion for quality and tradition. Each product is the result of artisanal commitment and dedication that reflect the love for Sicily.

Quality as a Priority

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Every product is carefully selected and tested to meet our rigorous standards. The freshness and authenticity of our products are our priorities and are reflected in the enthusiasm of our customers.

Customer Experience

Agrisicilia shop is committed to providing an exceptional shopping experience. We are always available to answer customer questions, provide assistance, and ensure that every purchase is a discovery of Sicilian authenticity and flavor.

Sustainability and Responsibility

We are aware of the importance of sustainability and constantly seek ways to reduce environmental impact. We collaborate with producers who share our vision for a more sustainable future for Sicily.


Agrisicilia shop is much more than an e-commerce. We are ambassadors of Sicilian culture, guardians of traditions, and creators of special moments through the unique flavors of our land. We are proud to bring Sicily directly to your home and share with the world the love for the local products of this extraordinary island. Join us on the journey to discover the true flavors of Sicily.