The Soft Nougat, wrapped in a dark chocolate coating, combines the softness of the interior with the temptation of dark chocolate, giving an exquisitely balanced and satisfying experience.

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Brand: Condorelli

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This authentic Sicilian nougat covered in dark chocolate is a real treat for chocolate lovers.

The heart of this dessert is a soft nougat prepared with the perfect balance of pistachio, sugar and toasted almonds, which gives an explosion of flavor in every bite. The sweetness of the nougat blends harmoniously with the rich and enveloping dark chocolate, creating an irresistible combination.

Each piece is an indulgent experience, giving a luxurious sensation to the palate.

Perfect as a gift or to satisfy your sweet cravings, this dark chocolate covered nougat is a decadent option that will make your mouth water.

Etichetta Torrone Cioccolato Fond
Etichetta Torrone Cioccolato Fond

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