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3 eggs
150 g of sugar
250 g of Greek yogurt
100 g of seed oil
250 g of 00 flour
1 sachet of baking powder
1 pinch of salt
Lemon only zest
1 360 g jar of strawberry jam

100 g of water
100 g of sugar
vanilla/lemon peel
With the heat off 40 g of limoncello or strawberry syrup

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From Antonella Audino’s blog, comes an all-spring recipe!

Spring Cake with Strawberries and Strawberry Jam is an explosion of flavors and aromas that capture all the senses. It is an explosion of flavors and aromas that capture all the senses. The cake’s soft, moist texture melts in the mouth, while chunks of fresh strawberries provide a burst of fruity flavor. The sweet and creamy Sicilian strawberry jam goes perfectly with the cake and gives an extra touch of sweetness. The intense and genuine taste of strawberries blends with the softness of the cake, creating a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.


1.Beat three eggs at room temperature with sugar until fluffy whipped
2.Add Greek yogurt , then oil, flour, baking powder, salt and flavorings by whipping well
3.Grease and flour a 22-cm baking dish and pour in the mixture, leveling off
4.Bake in a static oven at 180° for thirty minutes, toothpick test
5.When the cake is well chilled divide and spread a generous layer of strawberry jam , close with the top and spread the jam on top as well then decorate with strawberry slices covering the surface
6.I used a molly cake mold that in addition to having the decorations at the bondi has a step in the siperficie for filling
The cake can also be wet to be more moist .

Final result