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Sicilian Orange Marmalade – 240g

WARNINGS: We always encourage you to check all the information on the product before consuming or using it. Lot and minimum shelf life information, will be provided at the time of purchase.



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Sicilian Orange Marmalade is a true classic from AgriSicilia. It is a marmalade with an intense citrus flavour but also an intoxicating aroma, ideal for breakfast and desserts.

Sicilian oranges are highly prized and universally appreciated for their pleasant appearance and intense flavour. Sicilian oranges are also good for your health: they are rich in vitamin C and have an antioxidant effect on the body.

Sicilian Orange Marmalade meets the need for a product that is suitable for the preparation of sweet dishes but also excellent for the health and well-being of the consumer.


Sicilian Orange Marmalade in brief


La Marmelade d’Orange de Sicile en bref

Ingredients: Sugar, oranges with peel; Gelling agent: fruit pectin; Acidifier: citric acid.

Amount of fruit in the product: 45g per 100g

Net weight: 240g.

Preservation: Sicilian orange marmalade should be stored at room temperature. After opening, however, it is advisable to keep the product at a temperature below 4 degrees. Use within 14 days.

Taste: Intense and lemony.

Recommendations for use: This jam is particularly suitable for breakfast and desserts.


Product labelled in the language: English



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