Sicilian Lemon Marmalade, in a 360 g jar, has the flavour and beneficial properties of the best lemons from Sicilian citrus groves. A product recommended for both sweet and savoury recipes.

WARNINGS: We always encourage you to check all the information on the product before consuming or using it. Lot and minimum shelf life information, will be provided at the time of purchase.

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Sicilian Lemon Marmalade, available on the AgriSicilia website in 360 gram jars, tastes of the best lemons picked directly from Sicilian citrus groves. It is recommended for both sweet and savoury. The lemon is known not only for its sour taste and its intense and persistent smell, but also for its countless beneficial properties: in fact, it is a panacea for the organism thanks to its antibacterial and antioxidant power and, in addition, it supports the immune system.

Sicilian Lemon Marmalade in Brief

Ingredients: Lemons with peels; gelling agent: fruit pectin; acidifier: citric acid.

Fruit used in the product: 45g per 100g.

Net weight: 360 g.

Storage: We recommend storing this jam at room temperature. After opening, it is recommended to keep the product at a temperature within 4 degrees and to consume it within 14 days.

Suggestions for use: This product from AgriSicilia is ideal both for the preparation of desserts and for the creation of original savoury recipes. In particular, it is perfect to accompany main courses (both meat and fish) and cheeses.

Limone Di Sicilia Cee 360
Limone Di Sicilia Cee 360