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500 g flour 0
200 g of milk
20 g of sugar
12 g of brewer's yeast
100 g of water
1 teaspoon of malt
10 g of salt
50 g of olive oil

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Here is a recipe for a fluffy and soft breakfast loaf pan.
Very simple to make, it can accompany your breakfast for many days because it is so soft when freshly made, and it keeps soft for a long time.
Jams, marmalades, spreadable Agrisicilia creams are ready to be spread and enjoyed in a vortex of delicacy and softness, all that remains is to get to work to bring goodness and
authenticity on your tables.
How many breakfasts, how many snacks, delicious snacks will please everyone and every day can be different … today is orange marmalade, tomorrow pears, choose your favorite fruit on the online shop and let yourself be seduced by the taste of Sicilian fruit.


1. Put the flour and milk into the bowl of the planetary mixer and leave in the car parks for an hour, but even more.

2. Mix the water with the malt, sugar and the yeast to insert with the spiral in motion, increasing the speed as it strings.

3. With the dough perfectly strung, add the salt and the oil slowly, maintaining the strung, when the oil is perfectly absorbed and the dough is soft and smooth, conclude.

4. Round and tuck up the dough and let it rise at 26° until doubled, it will take about two hours.

5. Divide the dough into four parts, make small rectangles and roll them up, place them side by side in the pan and let them rise until the domes protrude beyond the edge.

6. Brush with milk and bake at 180° static for about 25 minutes, after 10 minutes spray water with the sprayer, repeat after 20 minutes.

7. Remove the pan from the tray and cover with a cloth until it cools down.

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